Police Crackdowns on Stunt Bikers, Triple Riding in Baramulla, 14 bikers booked

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Baramulla, 27 June (CNI): Baramulla Police on Tuesday initiated a robust drive to contain and effectively eradicate the incessant traffic violations that has been witnessed over the last few months, which has resulted in a spate of accidents and casualties.

In an effort to curb reckless driving and ensure public safety, the police conducted a crackdown on stunt bikers, triple riding, driving without helmet, rash and negligent driving in Kunzar town of Baramulla district.

Today Police Station Kunzer led by Inspr. Waseem Jahangir, SHO PS Kunzer seized 14 two wheelers who were found involved in stunt biking/ triple riding in Town Kunzer and 14 violators were booked.

Case FIR under relevant sections of law registered in Police Station Kunzer and investigation taken up.

The purpose of the drive is to check and eradicate traffic violation and provide a safe road for law abiding citizens. It was also envisaged to act as a deterrent for future violators.

General Public have appreciated the efforts of Baramulla Police in keeping a close check on the violators and is ensuring a safe movement of public on roads and a healthy stay at public places.

Police urged the public to exercise caution while riding, wear helmets at all times, and strictly adhere to traffic regulations to promote a culture of safety on the roads.(CNI)

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