Power does not win elections, people will prove in 2024: INDIA alliance

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DELHI: (CNI) Tens and thousands of people from different sections of the society participated in the rally called at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi to protest against Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest.


“Let us join hands and move forward together,” asserted Mallikarjan Kharge at the India Rally, stressing the collective effort required for the nation’s well-being.


“Our alliance is not just for people like Hemant or Kejriwal but for the entire population of 1.4 billion. Despite our differences, we are united for a greater cause.” Emphasizing his stand against the BJP, Kharge said, “We will show the BJP that the people are fed up…to cross 400 seats. Their claims are baseless. This is just wishful thinking.”


In his address, Kharge criticized the RSS, likening it to poison, and emphasized its commitment to uphold the Constitution and ensure inclusive development, unlike the BJP’s focus on a select few. gave


Highlighting the alleged political vendetta, Kharge mentioned Hemant’s plight and accused Modi of manipulating the system for political gain. He criticized the unfair playing field by the ruling party.


Kharge accused Modi of undermining democracy and supporting oppression of constitutional values.


He emphasized on the importance of unity of the opposition to protect the integrity of the country against threats to democratic institutions.


Echoing Kharge’s sentiments, Rahul Gandhi warned against the BJP’s attempts to subvert the Constitution and stressed the importance of ongoing elections in safeguarding democratic principles.


Drawing a sports parallel, Gandhi accused Modi of political “match-fixing” by manipulating the electoral process and coercing opponents. Akhilesh Yadav expressed confidence in defeating the BJP and regaining political power, rallying against his alleged authoritarian tendencies.


Sitaram Yechury emphasized the need to defeat communalism to address issues such as corruption and unemployment, framing the election as a battle for India’s soul.


Farooq Abdullah emphasized the common goal of protecting the Constitution, highlighting threats to judicial independence while Derek O’Brien criticized the BJP’s governance, stifling dissent and addressing critical issues like the Pulwama attack. I blamed myself for failing.


Tejashwi Yadav condemned rising unemployment and inflation under BJP rule, rallying against what he saw as an attack on democracy.


Kalpana Soren emphasized the importance of people’s unity in opposing dictatorship and defending democratic values.


Sunita Kejriwal outlines Arvind Kejriwal’s guarantees for Delhi’s development despite imprisonment, and declares support for India’s unity.


Mehbooba Mufti condemned the alleged corruption and dictatorial tactics of the BJP and called for unity against their oppressive rule.


Supporters echoed the opposition’s call for unity, stressing the need to stand together against the BJP’s perceived assault on democratic norms and principles.-(CNI)

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