Power struggle in Kashmir Valley : JKBC- Jammu Kashmir Business Confiderarion /KTMF.

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Srinagar, 07 Feb 2024 : President JKBC- Jammu Kashmir Business Confederation/General Secretary (Organisation)Kashmir Traders And Manufacturers Federation/Chairman City Traders And Manufacturers Federation /Guild Mohammad Altaf Dar (Rajbagh) In a statement Issued to press here said Excessive electricity load shed­ding has become a nuisance for people. In rural areas,urban area as reportedly electricity is off for hours. During these cold nights, living without electric­ity becomes challenging. Students are unable to study at night, and education is crucial for the prog­ress of any nation.

It is disheartening to note that, in this modern era, people are de­prived of electricity. It is being said these days as reportedly leading to the electricity shortfall.

President JKBC, General Secretary (Org) KTMF/Chairman City Traders Guild Mohammad Altaf Dar said We often read in newspapers that electricity is expensive be­cause the government has to pay a substantial amount of mon­ey to independent power plants for their power creation capaci­ty. Then, where is that electrici­ty for which the government pays them so much? The government has increased the rate of electrici­ty significantly. Consumers are giv­en hefty bills to pay, but electrici­ty is not available. This is cruelty. Please stop this cruelty and let the masses breathe a sigh of relief.

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