‘Previous table talks failed, Not Single demand accepted till today, Joins Hunger Strike at Samba, will intensify agitation from 1st September, Says Sunil Dimple

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‘Previous table talks failed, Not Single demand accepted till today, Joins Hunger Strike at Samba, will intensify agitation from 1st September, Says Sunil Dimple

Jammu, 30 Aug (CNI) :Sunil Dimple president mission statehood sat on hunger strike in samba with the hunger striking leader’s,the condition critical of hunger strike leader Lucky singh, shifted to GMC jammu and other leaders hospitals in samba district hospital.

Conditions critical of hunger strike leaders, referred to GMC jammu and samba district hospital.

Sunil Dimple sat on hunger strike with senior samba leaders Tejinder Singh, Sugreev Singh cippa, Sarpanch Lavelu Sampy, Sandeep Singh, Ex service man Mohan Singh, Parm veer Singh, Arjun Singh samyal, Maheshwar Singh, Narinder Singh councilor, Rahpal singh Councilor, Chander uday singh, Mohinder Singh.

Addressing the people of hunger strike, Sunil Dimple said that he visited samba district hospital and the condition of the hunger strike leaders is very critical and Lucky Samyal reffered to GMC Jammu as his body and kidneys get infected due to hunger strikes.

Dimple appealed to PM Modi to intervene and conveyed that the condition of the leaders sitting on hunger strike is very critical. Dogras will not tolerate if any wrong happens with the Hunger strike leaders.

He came down heavily and said where are the BJP EX MLAs, present PMs hiden why they are not sitting with dogras. Leaders sitting on hunger strike.

He said the conditions of the hunger strikers’ leaders sitting in samba bazaar is also very critical.

He said youth leader lucky Samyal is critically referred to GMC jammu, some shifted to district hospital samba and critically, diabetics sugar leaders whose condition is serious, shifted to GMC Jammu.

Dimple warned to continue the indefinite Jammu band. In support of SARORE Toll plaza, stop Smart meters, property tax, Restoration of j&k dogra state with instrument of Accession conditions & articles 370, 35-A. We can’t Leave j&k people, Dogras, Kashmiri alone. As the Govt has not Conceded any single demand.

Dimple sent a clear message to prime minister Narender Modi and Home minister Amit Shah that not even a single demand of the j&k people has been accepted by the BJP & j&k govt.

Dimple announced to continue agitation and if need arises we will go in definite jammu band after three days, for bulldozing of the sarore toll plaza to ground.

Dimple said all table talks have failed announced govt has denied on all demands till today. So we will intensify our agitation against SARORE Toll plaza, restoration of j&k dogra state with instrument of accession conditions & articles 370, 35-A.

Dimple warned table talks have failed and we will continue our agitation as no demands of the people have been fulfilled yet.

Dimple said we will continue the agitation against the sarore toll plaza till the toll plaza is removed and bulldozed to ground.

He said all problems started after abrogation of article 370, on 2019, when the two hundred years old j&k Dogra state was demolished into two UTs.

Dimple appealed to the people to remain united and said the agitation for the restoration J&K dogra state, article 370, 35-A, with instrument of accession conditions will be fought on roads and SC supreme court also.

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