Price of Essential Commodities Rise in Srinagar

Srinagar, 28 March (CNI) :The prices of several essential commodities have gone up in Srinagar Locality over the past week ahead of Ramadan.As per the news agency-Current News of India (CNI) a market survey revealed that the prices of food items, poultry, fruits, vegetables , sugar and edible oil and other essential products have gone up, even meat, poultry vegetables are being sold beyond the price fixed by the government.Following the development, residents expressed dismay. A resident, Mohammed Ismail , who accused traders of increasing the prices, said it had always been the practice among them.He said, “Ramadan is a special month to Muslims; when the rich are supposed to assist the needy and traders to lower down their prices, but in Srinagar , traders always take advantage of Ramadan to exploit people.”(CNI)

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