Prime Minister Narendra Modi Affirms Strong Resolve in Face of Challenges

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DEHLI:(CNI): In a recent address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi displayed unwavering determination as he reminisced about past challenges and emphasized his resolute stance towards obstacles. Speaking assertively, he declared, “‘Aisi kisi rukawato se na Modi darne wala hai, na yeh Sarkaar darne wali hai’ (Neither Modi nor this government will be deterred by such obstacles).” Reflecting on his journey from the Lok Sabha to the Rajya Sabha, he underscored how these challenges have fortified his resolve, stating, “My courage is strong, my voice is strong, and my resolve is also strong.”


Prime Minister Modi recalled the daunting landscape of 2014, highlighting the government’s perseverance despite significant opposition in the Rajya Sabha. “When our strength in the Rajya Sabha was very low and even the Chair was slightly inclined towards the other side, we did not give up on serving the country with our heads held high,” he affirmed.


His words resonate with a message of resilience and determination, portraying a leader steadfast in his commitment to steering the nation through adversity. As he continues to lead India, Modi’s unwavering resolve serves as a beacon of strength and determination in the face of challenges(CNI)

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