Prominent Socio-Political Activist and Senior Trade Union Leader Mohammad Altaf Dar Extends Heartfelt Holi Wishes

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Srinagar :  As the festival of colors, Holi, approaches, Mohammad Altaf Dar, a renowned figure in socio-political activism and senior leader in the trade union movement, extends warm wishes to all celebrating this joyous occasion.


Holi, known as the festival of unity and love, transcends boundaries and brings people from all walks of life together in a colorful celebration of harmony and togetherness. It is a time to rejoice in the beauty of diversity and cherish the bonds of friendship and community.


In his message, Mohammad Altaf Dar emphasizes the importance of fostering inclusivity and embracing diversity, values that lie at the core of Holi celebrations. He urges everyone to spread love, happiness, and goodwill, not just on this festive occasion, but every day.


As a staunch advocate for social justice and equality, Mohammad Altaf Dar calls upon individuals to use the spirit of Holi to unite against discrimination, oppression, and injustice. He believes that by standing together in solidarity, we can build a more equitable and compassionate society for all.


Mohammad Altaf Dar extends his heartfelt wishes for a vibrant and joyous Holi filled with laughter, camaraderie, and cherished memories. May this festival inspire us to paint our lives with the colors of peace, prosperity, and positivity.CNI

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