Renovation of Historic Ghanta-Ghar In Lal Chowk Srinagar is Going On With Latest Technology

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The Clock tower will have a digital clock, Smart CCTV and Wi-Fi

Srinagar, 04 April (CNI) : Under the Srinagar Smart City project, the renovation and construction of the historic clock tower in the center of Lal Chowk is in full swing and the clock tower will be equipped with modern technology such as smart CCTV cameras, digital clocks and other things will be installed which will enhance its beauty.

According to News agency-Current News of India (CNI), the work of renovation and reconstruction of Srinagar’s Historic Ghanta Ghar, which is located in the middle of Lal Chowk, is going on. In this regard, Srinagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner Athar Amin Khan said that the renovation work is going on vigorously and is being renovated with the latest technology.

Locals have hailed the initiative saying it will attract tourists and boost the economy in the Lal Chowk area.

A local said, “Ghanta-Ghar is the main attraction for tourists and locals in central Srinagar city.Its reconstruction will increase tourist arrivals, which, in turn, will boost the economy in the Lal Chowk area.”

Sources said that the New clock tower will also be equipped with modern technology including smart CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi, digital clock and other devices which will enhance its beauty under the Smart City project. (CNI)

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