Residents and Business Owners Struggle with Escalating Electricity Costs: President JKBC- Jammu And Kashmir Business Confederation, Mohammad Altaf Dar Calls for Government Intervention

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Srinagar,June 06 : President JKBC-Jammu And Kashmir Business Confederation Mohammad Altaf Dar expresses concern over the Residents and business establishments in Kashmir Valley are increasingly disheartened by the soaring electricity costs, making it difficult for many to meet basic needs. This financial strain has led to widespread anxiety, depression, and even tragic instances of suicide among those affected.


Mohammad Altaf Dar, a socio-political leader and senior trade union representative, has voiced the growing concerns of the community, urging Lieutenant Governor Shri Manoj Sinha and the government to take immediate action. “The current situation is untenable, pushing people to the brink of despair and unlawful acts,” says Altaf Dar. “We need prompt intervention to alleviate this financial burden and restore hope among the residents and business establishments.”


Altaf Dar emphasizes the urgency of the matter, highlighting the detrimental impact on the mental health and overall well-being of the population. He calls for comprehensive measures to address the electricity cost crisis, suggesting subsidies, financial assistance, and reforms in the pricing mechanism as potential solutions.


In his appeal, Altaf Dar stresses the importance of swift and decisive action to prevent further deterioration of the situation. “We cannot afford to wait. The government must act now to ensure the survival and prosperity of our community,” he asserts.CNI

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