Rural Development Dept’s Negligence Lead To Exchequers Loss In South Kashmir

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Block Development Offices in South Kashmir are achieving nothing but wasting money in the works undertaken under NREGA schemes.

While the renovation and repair of drains, alleys, and culverts, where they are being done, they have to be re-worked the very next year, which is indicative of the use of poor quality materials during the work.

According to Current News of India, the works carried out under the NREGA scheme by Block Development Offices in South Kashmir in Anantnag district of South Kashmir have to be redone.

It has been learned from the sources that under the said scheme in Anantnag district of South Kashmir, poor materials are used during renovation, repair and construction of drains, bunds, clots and other works due to which the work doesn’t even even last for a year. .

Apart from this, the sources said that all the work done by the said department every year is done only in winter, which deteriorates quickly in the cold.

In this regard, the local people have accused the department that the concerned employees and contractors only want to extract crores of rupees from the treasury.(CNI)

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