Sarore toll, Smart Meter Measures : Sunil Dimple announces Continue Agitation, demands rollback immediately

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Srinagar, 28 Aug (CNI) : The President of Mission Statehood Jammu and Kashmir, Sunil Dimple , announced to Intensify our agitation as Govt has not Conceded any single demand.

As per the statement issued here to news agency-Current News of India, while addressing a Press conference, Sunil Dimple sent a clear message to the J&K govt that not even a single demand of the J&K’s people has been accepted by the BJP & J&K govt.

Dimple announced to continue agitation for bulldozing of the sarore toll plaza to ground, Stop Smart metering , property tax, restart of the darbar move & against the shifting of HC complex from Janipur .

Dimple warned the mission statehood cannot leave the people alone at this stage and will continue our agitation as no demands of the people has been fulfilled yet.

Dimple said we will continue the agitation against the sarore toll plaza till the toll plaza is removed and bulldozed to ground.

He said govt has made no commitment to stop the smart meters, property tax.

He said we will intensify the agitation against the shifting of the high court from janipur to raika sidra, as this will create oxygen shortage, pollution in jammu city,adding that we will not allow the Shifting of HC from Janipur.

He further said all the forest, trees of raika sidera, Byepass have been cut, and the mountain erased to ground by JCB’s , does not understand the pollution problem in the city of temples.

Dimple said our demand for the restoration of j&k dogra princely state, special status 370, 35-A, instrument of accession conditions will be intensified from roads up to SC supreme court for justice.

He said all problems started after abrogation of article 370, on 2019, when the two hundred years old j&k Dogra state was demolished into two UTs.

Dimple appealed to the people to remain united, and said we will intensify the agitation on all the issues.

He said the BJP will have to bow knees down before the J&K people’s demand.

Dimple said the agitation for the restoration J&K Dogra state, Article 370, 35-A, with instrument of accession conditions will be fought on roads and SC supreme court also.(CNI)

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