Scores Joined BJP at Srinagar BJP Parliamentary Constituency Office

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On today witnessed an enthusiastic gathering and a significant joining program held at the Srinagar parliamentary constituency office located at J-53 Jawahar Nagar Srinagar.


This event, part of a series of joining programs, featured a delegation from Delhi led by Shri R. Raina and Smt Rakhshanda, alongside the esteemed local core leadership of BJP JK, including Altaf Thakur, Arif Raja, Salinder Singh, and Zaman Noor, among other senior leaders.


The program saw the addition of numerous youth, senior citizens, and women from across Kashmir into the folds of the BJP, reflecting a burgeoning support base for the party in the region.


Addressing the gathering, R. Raina emphasized the extensive reach of the BJP, spanning from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, expressing confidence in the party’s capability to surpass the 400-seat target in the upcoming elections.


Altaf Thakur, in his address, credited the visible tranquillity in Kashmir to the endeavours of the BJP, highlighting a notable decrease in casualties, violence, and the elimination of the culture of terror.


He expressed hope that the people of Kashmir would actively participate in the elections to endorse the BJP.


Arif Raja underscored the significance of grassroots campaigns and joining programs, urging all BJP JK members, from grassroots workers to top leadership, to engage with the populace and enlighten them about the citizen-friendly schemes and policies enacted by the BJP government.


Salinder Singh stressed the importance of direct engagement with the public at the grassroots level, asserting that it is imperative for all members to actively connect with the community to bolster BJP’s presence on the ground in anticipation of the impending elections. Singh highlighted the potency of local “Samvaad” (dialogue) in comprehending the needs and apprehensions of the populace, ultimately contributing to solidifying the BJP as a formidable force in the region.


The event culminated with a warm reception and heartfelt gratitude extended to all new members of the BJP, reaffirming the sentiment of “Modi ka parivaar” (Modi’s family).CNI

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