Secretary Health suspends officer for negligence during his visit to Skims Soura

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Srinagar, March 24: (CNI) Secretary Health and Medical Education Dr. Abid Rasheed visited Skims soura , where he suspended a senior officer for dereliction of duty.

The purpose of the visit, which was conducted on Saturday evening, was to assess the quality of patient care and facilities at the reputed medical institute.

According to sources, Dr. Abid Rasheed, who is also serving as the Director of SKIMS, personally supervised the operations and services provided to the patients during his visit. Upon identifying incidents of negligence, they immediately suspended the senior material management officer.

An official confirmed the suspension, highlighting the secretary’s stern warning to all officers of dire consequences for dereliction of duty.

Dr. Abid Rasheed emphasized the importance of due diligence and directed the officers to implement measures aimed at enhancing the quality of patient care.

During the interaction with the staff, Dr. Abid Rasheed reiterated that SKIMS is a public institution committed to providing exemplary health services to the community.

He highlighted the administration’s unwavering commitment to accountability and emphasized that no individual will be spared for negligence in patient management.-(CNI)

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