Security situation fully under control in J&K: DGP

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Jammu, (CNI) Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) R R Swain said on Wednesday that law-enforcement agencies and security forces have full control of the Union Territory’s security situation.


The DGP maintained that the degree of fear is significantly less compared to three-four years ago and emphasised that the law-and-order situation is much better in Kashmir now, as evident from the successful conduct of the Lok Sabha polls.


“The truth is that even now, law-enforcement and security forces have control and the upper hand (in the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir). To maintain orderliness, the pressure is being maintained (on the terror ecosystem),” he told reporters here.


Responding to questions on the deteriorating security situation in Jammu and Kashmir, Swain said, “Questions are always being asked that how can we say the security situation is better when incidents are taking place? There is fear among people. It is important to clarify here. We have a security situation in front of us. The critical aspect of the situation is debatable. Some may think it is critical, while others may say it is not.”


The DGP asserted that law and order fully prevail in Jammu and Kashmir in all spheres of life.


“In terms of the number of terrorists and local recruitment, law and order, stone-pelting — in every aspect, you will find order. The degree of fear is certainly less compared to three-four years ago,” he said.


Swain further said it is evident from the overall rhythm of life — the operation of businesses, schools and public facilities, including shops, transport and public goods.


“We have a system and a rhythm of life in place,” he asserted.


He said infiltration from across the border continues and terrorists are being pushed into Jammu and Kashmir.


“There are foreign terrorists who have managed to infiltrate. All of us in the security establishment are aware of this and acknowledge it. No one in the security establishment is shying away from it,” the DGP said.


He specified the challenges of tackling infiltration.


“As I have always said, we have a long border that is porous and consists of jungles, riverine areas, difficult terrain and topographical challenges. The enemy is finding new mechanisms to push in terrorists. Therefore, we have a challenge at hand in terms of foreign terrorists primarily,” he said.


Swain added that individuals supporting these infiltrators are also a challenge. “Some people, lured by money or other reasons, are part of this syndicate called terrorism and secessionism, supported by hostile adversaries. This is a challenge,” he said.


The DGP said both challenges — the challenge of the guns and bombs of foreign terrorists and that of a few people supporting them here — are being firmly dealt with.


“The challenge of bombs and guns is being responded to through a planned security architecture, which includes police, central paramilitary forces and the Army,” he said.


Swain said the supporters of terrorism within the region are also being dealt with under the law. “We have very able and competent investigating agencies — NIA, SIA and police teams — who investigate the crimes of these harbourers, supporters, facilitators and enemy agents,” he said.


Replying to a question on the government’s claims that all is well in Kashmir, the DGP said, “Please look at the data and the level of fear. You will see that there is order and a visible change in Kashmir’s security situation.”


He stressed that the successful conduct of the Lok Sabha polls is the biggest evidence of this. “In the past, the participation in elections was restricted due to the fear of terrorists and separatists. When this fear dwindled, the voters’ participation increased. If someone projects it as a political statement or for the purpose of building a narrative, we do not see it in that aspect,” Swain said.


Without naming anyone, he said those who talk about enemies are given such freedom by the Indian State.


“It is the glory of India and the large-heartedness of India’s democracy that it allows you to have a contrarian view, even to the extent of being against the very system and country you are living in,” he said.


Asked about how it would impact the security situation, Swain said, “From a strict law-enforcement view, as long as the law states that murder is a crime, police and law-enforcement agencies will go ahead and prove that a murder is a murder.


“So, to that extent, the responsibility of police is to discharge their duty firmly and fearlessly. That ensures safety against the disruption of peace, which has given rise to concerns in certain quarters of the society,” he said.


On the current policy of dealing with the terror ecosystem, the DGP said he believes that it is working.


“We are open to discussions and debate, not only within our setup but in public discourse. We are completely apolitical in this. The question is whether the current approach is working. It is working unless someone shows evidence to the contrary. Our position in the Jammu and Kashmir Police is that we would like to protect lives,” he added.(CNI)

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