Shaheen, Bali & Darwi Attends PM Modi’s Oath Ceremony

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New Delhi : In a significant event marking the commencement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 3rd term, JD(U) J&K State President G.M. Shaheen , State General Secretary Vivek Bali and District President Baramulla Ayaz Darwi unit of Janata Dal (United) , attended the swearing-in ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi.

G M Shaheen was among the dignitaries and political leaders invited by Rashtrapati Bhavan to witness this historic occasion.The ceremony, held with great pomp and ceremony, saw the presence of numerous national and international leaders, including prominent members of the NDA alliance.

Vivek Bali invitation highlights the importance of political representation from Jammu and Kashmir in the national political landscape.
As the General Secretary of JD(U) in Jammu and Kashmir, Bali has been a significant political figure in the region, advocating for development and political stability. His presence at the oath ceremony underscores the inclusive approach of the central government towards different regional political entities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s oath-taking ceremony was administered by President Ram Nath Kovind, and it marked the beginning of Modi’s 3rd term following a decisive victory in the recent general elections. The event was attended by various dignitaries, including former prime ministers, chief ministers, and leaders from various political parties across India.

Ayaz Darwi said in such national events reflects the ongoing efforts to strengthen ties between the central government and the states, ensuring a cohesive and unified approach to governance.

Shaheen , Bali & Ayaz expressed his gratitude for the invitation and reiterated his commitment to working towards the development and progress of Jammu and Kashmir. He emphasized the need for collaboration between the state and central governments to address the unique challenges faced by the region.

This event not only highlights the significance of Jammu and Kashmir in the national political arena but also the importance of inclusive representation in India’s democratic processes. (CNI) Current News of India

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