Show the way out to the traitors of the country in the Lok Sabha elections. – Chandel Traitors in the country are contesting elections on the money of Pakistan and China

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Jammu, May 8 / “While talking to journalists today, senior Hindu BJP leader Guruji Raju Chandel said that Chand Jaichand, who betrayed the country in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, wants to hand over the country to foreign rule this time Traitors in the country are contesting elections on the money of Pakistan & China. are working on his”instructions. The people of the country have recognized such candidates. They always talk about breaking the country. They talk about breaking the country into pieces and making the country an Islamic country. This country is not that weak nor are the people of the country going to be misled. Hindus are misleading the Muslims whereas the Muslims of our country are big today. He is eating the bread of prosperity and respect.

“Our neighboring country Pakistan is craving for food and bread, there is a situation of starvation, yet that country keeps talking about destroying India and spreading terrorism in India.

“There is not even bread to eat in his house. And the children of some traitor Jaichand of our country are dancing on the tunes of neighboring countries to ruin this country. To what extent have our country’s leaders fallen just out of greed for power?

“Shri Chandel said that these traitors should learn a lesson that our ancestors have sacrificed so much that the country has been repopulated, but today the greedy traitors in power are trying to sell this country.”The Muslim brothers of our country are very intelligent, they know the conditions of neighboring countries better, so they are not going to be misled. Now the people of the country have come to know and have completely made up their mind to teach these traitors a lesson. The Lok Sabha candidates who are trying to break the country into pieces are being punished for this. Every child of the country is ready to show the way out and in the 2024 elections this country will establish a historic Lok Sabha and the country will move towards becoming a united India and will emerge as a strong India.

“Shri Chandel*said that ever since the successful Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi has taken power, our country has emerged as a world leader in the entire world and now soon the country will become a united India under the leadership of the successful Prime Minister of the country.”

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