Shut down terror factories, don’t lecture on democracy: India attacks Pakistan at IPU

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New Delhi: (CNI) India on Sunday lashed out at Pakistan at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), saying the country’s lectures on democracy, which has a very poor record of democracy, were ridiculous and called it a cross-border conflict. It has been advised to stop the terror factories terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.


Exercising his right of reply against Pakistan during the 148th Assembly of the IPU in Geneva, Switzerland, Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh said that India is the world’s largest democracy and many consider it a role model. Understand.


“Lectures from a country with such a poor record of democracy are, to say the least, laughable. It would have been better if Pakistan had not undermined the importance of a platform like the IPU with such absurd allegations and false narratives.


Referring to the allegations made by Pakistan on Jammu and Kashmir, the Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker said that the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have been and will remain an integral and inalienable part of India.


“No amount of rhetoric and propaganda from anyone can erase this reality. Instead, Pakistan would be well advised to stop its terrorist factories that are numerous across the border in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorist attacks continue and falsely claim to support human rights.


Harivansh drew the attention of the IPU members that Pakistan has a long history of harboring, aiding and actively supporting terrorists.


“Let me remind you that the face of global terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, was found in Pakistan. The country has the unspeakable record of hosting one of the largest number of terrorists proscribed by the United Nations Security Council. ,” he reminded the audience.


He hoped that Islamabad would learn the right lesson for the welfare of its people.


Harivansh is leading the Indian delegation to the IPU. (CNI)

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