Soaring tomato price: One Kg of tomatoes costs more than two Kg of chicken

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A kilo of tomatoes now costs more than two kilogrammes of chicken due to soaring tomato prices.

In Srinagar, one kilogram of chicken is available at Rs 120, while one kilogram of tomato is available at Rs 250 per kg.

According to news agency Current News of India-CNI, tomato prices have set a new record in Srinagar district as well as in other parts of the valley. Tomato has become more expensive than two kilos of chicken.

In such a situation, if someone buys two kilos of chicken instead of one kilo of tomatoes, he will still have ten rupees left. Tomatoes have disappeared from the kitchen due to the continuous increase in prices.

At the same time, the importance of curd has also increased. Most of the people are now using curd instead of tomato in vegetables as curd is only available at Rs 60 per kg.

While housewives are worried about the rising prices of tomatoes, men’s pockets are also burdened. People say that they have never seen the price of tomato more than 80 rupees before. For the first time the price of tomato has reached Rs 250 per kg.

Sunil Kumar, who has been running a vegetable shop for more than 25 years, said that till date, tomatoes have never cost more than Rs.80.(CNI)

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