Social Activist Urge Central Gove, Lt Governor to Fill Pharmacist Vacancies

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Srinagar, 29 Aug (CNI) : Mohsin Khan, a social activist of Jammu and Kashmir urged the Central Government and the administration of the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu Kashmir to fill up the vacancies of pharmacists in Medical Colleges and District Hospitals Primary Health Centers in Jammu Kashmir as soon as possible.

As per the news agency-Current News of India, social activist, Mohsin khan said that the employment crisis in the health care system of Jammu and Kashmir is very alarming and the large number of unemployed degree and diploma holders, including registered pharmacists, is a reflection of the widening gap between the supply and demand of skilled healthcare professionals in the region.

One reason for this job crisis is the lack of substantial opportunities in the healthcare sector. Although there are many educational institutions that offer courses in medicine and pharmacy, job opportunities in the government and private sectors are limited. This leads to a situation where many qualified people are unable to get jobs according to their qualifications.

Furthermore, underutilization of health care infrastructure exacerbates the problem. Many Medical College District Hospitals and Primary Health Centers in Jammu and Kashmir are struggling to fill the necessary posts due to lack of resources and infrastructure. Limited availability of staff not only affects the quality and efficiency of health care services but also contributes to the problem of unemployment in the sector.

Apart from lack of job opportunities and underutilization of existing infrastructure, there may be other factors contributing to the employment crisis. These include bureaucratic challenges, slow recruitment processes and lack of coordination between the education and employment sectors.

It is important for the government and concerned authorities to take proactive measures to effectively address this issue. This may include conducting a comprehensive assessment of the health care workforce needs in the region and tailoring educational programs accordingly. In addition, streamlining the recruitment process through financial incentives and exploring opportunities for public-private partnerships can help create more employment opportunities and improve the overall health care system in Jammu and Kashmir.

Furthermore, it is important to prioritize utilization of existing health care infrastructure by ensuring adequate staffing, equipment and resources. This can support improved health care delivery, improved community health outcomes and increased employment opportunities for qualified individuals.

Finally, the employment crisis in the healthcare sector of Jammu and Kashmir calls for urgent attention and action. The focus should be on creating more employment opportunities and improving the utilization of existing healthcare infrastructure while removing bureaucratic barriers. By implementing these measures, it is possible to improve the overall health care system in the region as well as eradicate the problem of unemployment.(CNI)

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