Some people misleading People for their political gains, Remain Vigilant against Misleading Tactics, Says Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha

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Budgam, 17 May (CNI) :Lieutenant Governor (LG) Manoj Sinha called upon the people to remain vigilant and not fall prey to the misleading tactics employed by certain individuals for their own political gains.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said during the Kisan Sampark Abhiyan event at Budgam that over the past few days, a group of individuals have resorted to gimmicks and misinformation, prioritising their personal politics over the welfare of the people.

He expressed concern about these deceptive practices and emphasised the need for people to make informed decisions based on accurate information.

The LG also urged the people not to pay heed to these individuals who were only focused on their own political ambitions.

“These individuals are using gimmicks and misdirection to deceive the people, with little regard for the wellbeing of the citizens. It is imperative that we do not allow ourselves to be misled by their selfish motives,” he said. “Our responsibility as citizens is to stay informed, engage in constructive dialogue, and make decisions based on facts and the betterment of society. Let us not be swayed by petty politics and instead focus on the development and welfare of our community.”

The Lieutenant Governor urged people to priorities their collective wellbeing over divisive agendas and stand together against those who seek to mislead and exploit for personal gain.(CNI)

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