Special magistrate Traffic to hold Lok Adalat for pending traffic violations on May 11

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Srinagar,(CNI) As a concerted effort to tackle the mounting issue of pending traffic violations, the Special Mobile Magistrate Traffic Court Kashmir has announced Lok Adalat for May 11.

A closer examination of the challan data shown thousands of individuals have been asked to address their pending challans.

These infractions encompass a wide spectrum of offences with fines ranging from a nominal Rs. 100 to Rs 10,000 and beyond per person.

Further, the data showed some individuals find themselves with as many as 12, 10 or 9 outstanding challans, signifying recurrent violations of traffic laws. The cumulative sum of fines accrued by these offenders is estimated to run into lakhs.

The Lok Adalat serves as the final recourse for individuals burdened with multiple pending traffic challans.

“Failure to appear on the specified date could result in the drastic measure of recommending the cancellation of vehicle registration certificates (RCs) for the violators,” reads an official public notice, issued by Traffic Police Rural Kashmir,

“In emphasizing the paramount importance of adhering to traffic regulations, the court underscores the critical role of motorists in maintaining road safety.

All summoned individuals are urged to ensure their presence on the designated date to resolve their pending challans,” it reads further.(CNI)

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