Spiritual and moral  values among children is important & need of hour : Kundan Kashmiri  

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Jammu : Every society has its own sense of what’s right and wrong, and it’s important to make sure young people understand these values. By teaching honesty, kindness, and taking responsibility, we help them make good choices in life..

Morality is about knowing right from wrong and making good choices. It’s like a compass guiding our behavior towards what’s considered good or bad in society. Morality helps us treat others with kindness, fairness, and respect. It’s the principles we use to decide how to act in different situations. These principles often come from our upbringing, culture, and personal beliefs. Morality isn’t just about following rules; it’s also about understanding why certain actions are right or wrong. For example, helping someone in need is seen as good because it promotes kindness and empathy. On the other hand, lying or hurting others is considered wrong because it causes harm or deceit. Ultimately, morality is about striving to do what’s right and avoiding what’s wrong, even when it’s difficult.

It’s also important to talk to children  about spiritual stuff, like finding meaning beyond just wanting stuff. Whether it’s praying, meditating, or thinking deeply, connecting with something bigger helps them feel humble and connected to others

Spirituality is the exploration of our inner selves and connection to something greater than us. It involves seeking meaning, purpose, and peace beyond the material world. It can be expressed through religious practices, meditation, or simply by being mindful and reflective. Spirituality often involves questions about the nature of existence, the universe, and our place within it. It’s about finding harmony within ourselves and with the world around us, and embracing values like compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. Spirituality is deeply personal and can vary greatly from person to person. Ultimately, it’s about nurturing our inner growth and understanding, and finding a sense of fulfillment and belonging in the vastness of existence.

Teaching these values isn’t just good for individuals, it’s good for everyone. When young people understand fairness and doing the right thing, they can make their communities better and bring people together.

But it’s not easy to teach these things, especially with so much technology and media around. That’s why it’s important to make sure schools teach about being good people alongside regular subjects. By encouraging kids to think for themselves and talk openly, we help them become thoughtful and principled adults.

In the end, teaching moral and spiritual values isn’t just a nice idea—it’s really important for the happiness of individuals and society as a whole. By helping young people grow up to be kind, honest, and purposeful, we make the future better for everyone. And as we do this, let’s remember that the best thing we can give them isn’t just knowledge, but wisdom, and not just success, but a meaningful life.


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