Srinagar Witnessed more Encounters, 65 militants killed in Srinagar compared to 13 killed in Budgam: Reveals 2020-2022 Data

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Srinagar, 08 May (CNI) : The 3 years data from 2020 to 2022 reveals that 65 militants were killed in Srinagar district, 13 in Budgam and only one militant was killed in a gunfight in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal.Out of 79 militants killed in three districts of Central Kashmir in the last 3 years, 65 militants died in different encounters in Kashmir capital Srinagar.

As per the data, Srinagar has witnessed more gunfights as compared to the two other districts of Central Kashmir.

The district Ganderbal in the last 3 years has witnessed only one encounter. Last year in March, a militant Adil Ahad Khan of Badarkund Ganderbal was killed in Kawbagh Serch village of Ganderbal gunfight.

The data provided by Jammu Kashmir Police has revealed that 4 boys have so far joined militant ranks in the last 3 years in Ganderbal.

Joint Forces in district Budgam made the most number of arrests. In the last 3 years from 2020 to 2022, police in different parts of Budgam have arrested 17 militants and 130 alleged associates of militants. Though Budgam police have not revealed how many youth joined militant ranks but it provided information about the number of militants killed in the district. As per the information, 13 militants have been killed in different encounters. Only one militant was killed in 2021, 5 in 2022, and 7 in 2023.

Police in Srinagar neutralized 65 militants and arrested 40 persons having links with militants in the last 3 years. The number of militants killed in Srinagar in 2020 was 22, 24 in 2021, and 19 in 2022.
The police provided these figures in response to a request filed under the Right to Information Act.(CNI)

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