SSP Baramulla Orders Reshuffle in District Police

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Baramulla, 02 May (CNI) : The Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP) Baramulla, Amod Ashok Nagpuri (IPS) on Tuesday ordered a reshuffle in District Police with Transfer of 10 Police officers with immediate effect.

As per the order, Insp Imtiyaz has been Transferred to DPL Baramulla whileas insp.Mohammad Shafi has been Posted as SHO Police Station Uri, Insp Waseem Akram has been Posted as Incharge DSB District Police Baramulla.

PSI Shoaib Mohammad has been Posted as Incharge Police Post Barbareshi,PSI Rayees Ahmad Is Transfer as incharge of police Post Delina, PSI Showkat has been Posted as DO Police Post Ussan, Sub Insp Mohmmad Mustafa has been Shifted to PS Pattan.

PSI Amanpreet has been Posted as Incharge Police Post Udoosa, PSI Naseer Ahmad has been posted as DO Police Post Kungamdara, and ASI Shakeel Ahmad has been Shifted to Police Station Uri.

However, PSI Aeraf Neyaz remains same as Incharge Police Post Palhallan and his earlier order shifting from police post Palhallan to police post Delina is hereby Cancelled.(CNI)

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