SSP Traffic R P Singh Leads Change in Traffic Enforcement in Valley, Traffic Police Launches E-Challan Grievance Cell

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Police shall take stringent actions against traffic violations aim is to minimise the road accidents and fatalities: Ravinder Pal Singh SSP Traffic

By Bilal Bazaz

Srinagar March 31 : In a significant move towards enhancing transparency and efficiency, the Traffic Police Rural Kashmir, under the supervision of Senior Superintendent of Police Ravinder Pal Singh, has established a dedicated Grievance Redressal Cell aimed at addressing the concerns of motorists related to e-challans. 

The newly formed cell marks a pivotal step towards improving the e-challan system within the jurisdiction of Rural Kashmir.

This initiative, operational six days a week at the Traffic Police Rural office, provides an accessible platform for individuals to voice their grievances either through email or by visiting the office in person.


Under the guidance of SSP Ravinder Pal Singh, the initiative is a testament to the commitment of the Traffic Police Rural Kashmir towards ensuring transparency and efficiency in the handling of grievances related to e-challans. By establishing a direct line of communication between the motorists and the authorities, the cell aims to mitigate the challenges faced by individuals in contesting or understanding e-challans issued to them.


This proactive measure is anticipated to lead to a significant reduction in the number of unresolved grievances and improve the overall efficiency of the e-challan system.


Community Impact and Future Prospects

The establishment of the Grievance Redressal Cell is expected to have a positive impact on the community by fostering a sense of justice and fairness in the enforcement of traffic regulations. Looking ahead, the success of this initiative could pave the way for similar models to be adopted in other regions, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of traffic management and e-challan systems across the broader landscape. As this innovative approach to grievance redressal unfolds, it holds the promise of setting a new benchmark in the management of e-challans, reflecting a significant stride towards more accountable and responsive governance in traffic management.


SSP Traffic Rural said that the aim is to minimise the road accidents and fatalities, adding that there will be zero tolerance to all sorts of overloading whether goods or passengers.


He advised to obey and follow traffic rules and regulations and ensure that they rash drive, observe prescribed speed limits, don’t indulge in racing or competition with other vehicles, don’t use a mobile phone while driving, don’t play loud music, and don’t use pressure or musical horns.


The two-wheeler riders are advised to wear crash helmets and avoid triple riding, besides not indulging in reckless, dangerous, and zig-zag driving.CNI

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