Strengthening the country’s defense system is development, signing of contract for procurement of Akash Weapon System for Indian Army welcome development : PM Modi

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Srinagar, 01 April (CNI) : The Prime Minister has said that the signing of the contract to buy 12 radars for Aakash weapon system and weapon detection is a welcome development, he emphasized that the private sector can play an important role in research, innovation, design and manufacturing in the country’s defense production to make the country self-sufficient in the defense sector.

As per the news agency-Current News of India (CNI) the Prime Minister while speaking in a webinar yesterday for the effective implementation of the Union Budget 2024 commitments for the defense sector. Highlighting the need to reduce imports of defense equipment, Modi said the country should move from being an importer of all goods to an exporter of defense equipment.

The Prime Minister said that India has prepared a list of 100 important defense items which is called negative list but it can be converted into positive list by achieving self-sufficiency in defense sector.

According to News agency-Current News of India (CNI) , Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the signing of the contract to purchase 12 radars for the Indian Army related to Akash weapons system and weapons detection is a welcome development.

In a tweet, Modi said that this step will promote self-sufficiency, especially the small, micro and medium industrial sector.

The Prime Minister has also welcomed the signing of contracts worth Rs 19,600 crore with Indian shipyards to purchase 11 next-generation coastal patrol vessels and 6 next-generation missile vessels for the Indian Navy.

In a tweet, Mr. Modi said that this will strengthen the Indian Navy and strengthen the country’s aim of Aatmanirbharta.

The Ministry of Defence yesterday signed contracts for the procurement of an improved Akash Weapon System and 12 Weapon Locating Radars, WLR Swathi (Plains) for the Indian Army at an overall cost of over nine thousand 100 crore rupees.

The contract for procurement of improved Akash Weapon System (AWS) for the 3rd and 4th Regiments of Army Air Defence, comprising live Missiles and Launchers with upgrades, Ground Support Equipment, Vehicles and Infrastructure was signed with Bharat Dynamics Limited, worth over eight thousand 160 crore rupees.

The AWS is a Short Range Surface Air Missile (SRSAM) Air Defence System, indigenously designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

To meet aerial threats, two additional Regiments of AWS with Upgradation are being procured for Indian Army for the Northern borders. Improved AWS has Seeker Technology, 360° Engagement Capability and improved environmental parameters.

The contract for WLR Swathi (Plains) was signed with Bharat Electronic Limited (BEL) at a cost of over 990 crore rupees. It is an indigenously designed WLR which is capable of locating guns, mortars and rockets firing own troops, thereby facilitating their destruction through Counter Bombardment by own firepower resources.(CNI)

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