Sunil Dimple Attends high level meeting with J&K officers, discussed many demands of Jammu People

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Jammu, 15 Sep (CNI) : Sunil Dimple on friday attends high level meeting with J&K officers in Sachin kumar Vaishey (IAS) DC office jammu and discussed many demands of jammu people.

As per the statement issued here to News-agency Current News of India, Sunil Dimple patron jammu Kashmir auto union and the president mission statehood after attended high level meeting in the IAS officer, Sachin kumar Vaishey newly appointed DC jammu office, addressing the press conference, disclosed that the thread wear discussion held in the DC office in the presence of RTO jammu, ARTO Jammu, SSP traffic Jammu Faisel Qureshi.

Dimple highlighted, discussed with DC , J&K officers many demands of jammu Kashmir black auto industry, which is 50 years old industry of J&K people.

Dimple expressed strong resentment against the J&K Govt that even after the repeated requests, to the j&k Govt for not understanding the demands of fifty years old industry.

Sahin Vaishey IAS, new DC jammu gave directions, patient hearing and passed immediate direction on spot to the high level meeting with the RTO Jammu, SSP traffic jammu Faisel Qureshi & police.

DC jammu directed to fix the rate list of the e-rikshaws, check the overloading in the e-rikshaw, take strict action and the drivers of e-rikshaw shold be local driver of j&k and license holders.

DC directed the SSP trraffic & police department that the erikshaw should strictly drive in the zones allotted to them, with licenses with proper documents , take strict action if the erikshay disobey the traffic rules.

He said the govt is complicating the problems and is doing nothing to save the 50 years old black auto industry and every day coming up with new policies.

Dimple alleged now the govt is launching battery buses, ola, ten seats small battery autos.

Dimple said after starting the erikshaws. The black autos are unable to deposit the installment, insurance, passing fee and are facing the traffic police blunt also.

Dimple said the zones had been allotted by the authorities for rikshaws, but are not implemented strictly by traffic police, RTO and the authorities.

Dimple alleged by starting battery buses, small battery ten seats autos. The govt is totally destroying the 50 years old auto & matador transport industry.

The prominent leaders are Sanjay sethi president, Haneef Chodry V-President, Ajiet singh & S Amarjiet singh were also present in the meeting.(CNI)

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