Sunil Dimple demands resignation of Gulam Nabi Azad on the ‘One nation, one election committee’

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Dimple alleges article 370, 35-A, special status, instrument of accession conditions of J&K State, are not in the agenda of INDIA & NDA alliances.

Jammu, 03 Sep (CNI) : Sunil Dimple president mission statehood jammu Kashmir, addressing a press conference at press club today has demanded the resignation of Gulam Nabi Azad from the, “one Nation, one election committee”, “ Ek desh, Ek chuunab”, as this law is not good for the people of jammu kashmir and does not suits with the demography, identity, culture of the jammu Kashmir .

Dimple said that in jammu Kashmir, assembly elections are held after 6 six years, this law will decrease J&K assembly elections tenure to five years after changing this law.

Dimple said Gulam nabi azad appointed member of the panel should resign immediately, from the panel in the intrest off jammu kashir.

He further said this law will also weak the j&k state, our article 370, 35-A, instrument of accession conditions & this unconstitutional law.

Dimple said this is a directorial, dictatorship law, this is very dangerous for all the j&k regional parties NC, PDP, Apni party, Azad party and other regional parties.

Dimple allged it was earlier known, considering that Azad is BJP Man but today this is confirmed.

He alleged azad should resign and should put condition before the BJP, to first restore j&k state, special status, 370, implement the conditions of the instrument of accession, return our PRC, state subjects, article 370, 35-a lands, jobs

Dimple said we are sure that j&k people will definitely get everything back Justice, during the verdict of Supreme Court SC.

He said in the Supreme Court justice, the, J&K state will come back along with the article 370, 35-A, special status & instrument of accession conditions.

Dimple said our demand is? We want J & k dogra state back, in the shape, as it was at the time of accession signed with India by mahraja hari singh ji.

Dimple said in the SC verdict, the j&k dogra state Jammu, kashmir, ladakh, POK, Gilgit, Blatistan should be part of the j&k state and india.

Dimple said abrogation of article 370 without consulting with the people of Jammu Kashmir is violation of human rights & the BJP crushed our “right of self determination” of the dogras and of all the religions of j&k.

He said we want articles 370, 35-A, instrument of accession conditions, j&k state & the unification of Jammu, Kashmir, ladkh, POK, Gilgit, Blatistan in j&k state & part of India.

Dimple exposed the Kashmiri leaders; they are running, rushing to enter in both the INDIA & NDA alliances.

He alleged articles 370, 35-A, special status, instrument of accession conditions of j&k state, are not in the agenda of INDIA & NDA alliances.

Dimple said the kashmiri leaders, running in both the NDA, INDIA, alliance, want to become MP, PM, president of India and have compromised ,with the both NDA, INDIA alliances in the form A, B, C teams and have entered these alliances against the wishes of j&k people, to Rule j&k innocent people.

Dimple said both these alliances have rejected article 370, 35-a & is not in their agenda and is also not the part of INDIA & NDA alliance agenda common minimum programme.(CNI)

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