Sunil Dimple Held Protest, demands Apologies from BJP leaders

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Jammu, 11 Sep (CNI) : Sunil Dimple on monday leads a protest rally demanding the BJP leaders, Kavinder Gupta, to apologies from dogras, for challenging our J&K nationality.

As per the monitoring desk of Current News of India, Sunil Dimple, President of mission statehood, took out an angry, massive protest rally on janipur high court road against the BJP leaders, demanding BJP leaders should apologies from dogras, Kavinder Gupta, LG Sinaha, for challenging our j&k patriotism, nationality that j&k will be made integral part and alleging sarore toll plaza, smart meters, property tax are paid agitation by the dogras workers.

Addressing the Protestors, Sunil dimple coming down heavily, demands the BJP leaders, Kavinder Gupta & LG Sinaha, should withdraw his statements and should apologies from dogras, for challenging our nationality and alleging sarore toll plaza, smart meters, property tax, darbar move are the paid roll agitations by the dogras.

He backed the demand of restoration of j&k state, with special status.

Dimple demanded BJP to apologize from dogras and the people of j&k state for dismantling the two hundred years j&k dogra state ON 5 AUGUST 2019 and selling it like Britisher east india company.

He said J & k dogra state became an integral part of India on 26 Oct 1947 with the conditions of accession signed by Mahraja Harisingh singh ji.

He said these conditions are written in the constitution of India. “our fight in SC is on articles 370,35-A, instrument of accession conditions, is a constitutional fight to save j&k state, history, Identity , culture, demography, Land, jobs of people & j&k youths rights.

He further alleged, this is a shame that we the people of j&k state were always subject to humiliation at the hand of illiterate BJP’ leadership who always disrespected the Mahraj Harisingh ji, instrument of accession signed by our maharaja on behalf of we citizen of free jk whose boundaries were up to pok, gilgit, blatistan, akshaichin and our security jwans, dogras sacrificed the lives for the India to save the boundaries.

Sunil Dimple reminds LG Manoj Sinah, Mahraja Harisingh Ji made j&k integral part of india on 26 october 1947, with the instrument of accession & conditions.

That’s why we celebrate ascension day on 26 october evry year.

Dimple said our case is very strong in SC and we will win the case in supreme Court & will get back the J&K princely state with Instrument of accession conditions & with POK, gilgit, baltistan as part of j&k and india.(CNI)

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