SC Will Definitely Give Us Justice, Hope Article 370 Is Restored”: Sunil Dimple

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“Supreme Court will definitely give us Justice & restore the Statehood”, Says Sunil Dimple on Recent hearing of Article 370

Jammu, 12 Aug (CNI) : Sunil Dimple ensures Jammu and Kashmir people that article 370, 35-A will come back, appeals to the people, youths to unite and join hands to get justice from Supreme court.

Sunil Dimple president mission statehood Jammu and Kashmir while talking to media appreciated the ongoing hearing in Supreme Court on the issue of abrogation of Article 370 & 35-A.

Sunil said our advocates are strongly pleading J&K petitions, we are very sure & hopeful that the Hon’ble supreme Court will definitely give us justice & restore the status of J&K as the J&K princely state was created & acceded to Union of India on 26 oct 1947, by our great Maharajahs especially Maharaja Hari Singh ji.

Sunil further said the honourable SC, CJI & Justices bench are very deeply discussing, hearing and every constitutional point is being discussed.

He said all the conditions of accession are being discussed, along with J&K part which is occupied by Pakistan (POK) , Gilgit baltistan.

Dimple said the SC bench is discussing all constitutional legal aspects, with the petitioner’s advocates to deliver fair justice to the people of j&k state.

He said in Dehli SC, we learnt many legalities and how j&k acessession took place and J&K accede with india.

Dimple said one of the legalities is that BJP has fraudulently, unconstitutionally abrogated article 370. 35-A, & dismantled J&K’s Statehood.

He said we came to know that in the constitution there is no provision of dismantling of states into UT union territories, adding that the article 370 is still in the books of constitution and cannot be abrogated.

Dimple said before the abrogation of the article 370,this article has to be amended or deleted from the constitution but it is still in constitution.

Dimple once again asked all political parties, congress party to clear stand on articles 370, 35-A as brawl delivery of statements cannot solve the present problem and can’t be claimed for the formation of the govt or become chief ministers.

Dimple alleged the congress party Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Mahbooba Mufti, Gulam Nabi Azad, Altaf Bhukhari president apni party & Congress Parties for not filling any Petitions in SC and they can’t claim to become CM’s and form Government in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dimple said we are proud of our SC & the bench of judge’s. They are deeply thinking, how to give justice to the one crore thirty lakh population of Jammu and Kashmir.

He appealed to population of Jammu and Kashmir to get united for justice and get back our Article 370 and 35-A.

He later thanked all the people, who joined hands with us and started mass agitation, fighting battle with us on roads after 5 August 2019 and today we all reached in SC for justice.(CNI)

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