Traffic Police Gears Up Action Against Traffic Violators

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The Traffic Police has stepped up action against those who violate traffic rules in the north and south areas of the valley including Srinagar.

According to the CNI, to reduce the increasing traffic accidents in the city of Srinagar as well as in the north and south, the traffic department has started action against the people who violate the rules.

A crackdown has been started against those violating the traffic rules for the last seven days by this department. More than a dozen motorcycles were confiscated and hundreds of challans were also issued.

In this regard, DSP Traffic Kulgam/Qazigund Majeed Masvi, DSP Traffic Anantnag Mudassar Ahmed told the CNI that for the past several days various road accidents have taken place in which precious lives have been lost and people have been killed in traffic accidents. If people follow the traffic rules, the accidents can be reduced to a great extent, they said.

They said that nowadays there are young boys on bikes, scooters and cars who drive motorcycles, scooters or cars without thinking, which leads to road accidents.

Adding that parents are responsible for the accidents of young people who allow their children to drive bikes and vehicles.

They further said that today’s boys drive cars or motorcycles at such a high speed that they lose control. While they don’t even put helmets on their heads while driving a motorcycle and even they don’t have a license.

The officials said, our job is to impose a challan or fine, but only parents can stop their children from driving or riding bikes. In the meantime, he said that in the same way, people board the passenger trains without any fuss.

They said that it’s impossible for the traffic officials to monitor the situation in the remote areas where there is more overloading, the passengers should itself stop the vehicle driver from overloading.(CNI)

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