Traffic police will issue helpline numbers for tourists visiting border areas, they can contact if they have been charged extra : SSP Rural Ravinder Pal Singh

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SRINAGAR (CNI)In a bid to ensure the safety and fair treatment of tourists visiting border areas, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Rural Traffic, Ravinder Pal Singh, has initiated a significant measure.

The senior superintendent of Rural traffic police Ravinder Pal Singh on Monday conducted a special traffic drive near the Line of Control in Gurez valley of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district.

Speaking with the media Davinder Pal Singh SSP Rural traffic said that the aim of the drive is to curb accidents and check the valid documents of the vehicles including fitness and insurance.

He also said that the traffic police will issue helpline numbers for commuters who will visit border areas , they can contact traffic police regarding overcharging and over speed in tough terrains of Gurez valley where there is not any scope of overriding.

He also interacted with local drivers in Sumo stand Dawar, and conducted a special traffic drive in which several vehicles were challenged.

“Will act tough against traffic violators in border and other rural areas. If anyone found overcharging a tourist will act tough against him,” he further added.

SSP Ravinder Pal Singh underscored the importance of this drive, emphasizing its dual purpose to reduce accidents and to verify the validity of vehicles’ documents, including fitness and insurance.

However, the most notable aspect of this initiative is the introduction of helpline numbers specifically tailored for tourists traversing these border regions.

“The traffic police will issue helpline numbers for commuters who will visit border areas.

This proactive measure aims to provide a safety net for tourists who might encounter situations where they feel unfairly treated, particularly in remote and challenging environments such as the Gurez valley. By offering dedicated helpline numbers, tourists can easily reach out to authorities in case of emergencies or instances of overcharging by drivers operating in these areas.(CNI)

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