Tragedy Strikes Hajj 2024: 5 Kashmiri Women Pilgrims Succumb to Heat Stroke

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Srinagar, June 18: – (CNI)As Hajj 2024 draws to a close, tragedy has struck with the loss of five women pilgrims from Kashmir due to heat stroke during their journey in Arafat and Muzdalifa, Saudi Arabia. 


The devastating news was confirmed by a senior Jammu and Kashmir Hajj Officer, highlighting the severe temperatures that have posed significant health risks to pilgrims.


“The temperature has been soaring, and unfortunately, five lady pilgrims from Kashmir have succumbed to heat stroke in Arafat and Muzdalifa, of which four are from Srinagar and one from district Kulgam. The death certificates are yet to be issued,” the official stated.


This year’s Hajj pilgrimage has been marked by extreme heat, with temperatures reportedly reaching up to 48°C in some areas. Despite these challenging conditions, pilgrims have persisted in fulfilling their religious duties.


The deceased pilgrims were accompanied by their relatives, and arrangements have been made for their burial in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


According to officials, over 7000 pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir participated in this year’s Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina. Most of them, approximately 6800, departed from the Srinagar embarkation point, with over 500 others traveling from different airports.


The tragic loss of these Kashmiri women serves as a stark reminder of the physical hardships pilgrims endure during Hajj, underscoring the need for robust health measures and support systems to safeguard all participants, especially in challenging climatic conditions.


As the global Muslim community mourns these losses, efforts continue to ensure the well-being and safety of all pilgrims during this sacred journey.(CNI)

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