TSO Pattan Conduct Extensive Market Checking Across Pattan Town

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Srinagar, 01 April Ashiq tilgami-(CNI) : In order to prevent profiteering and black marketing by business establishments operating in Pattan Town, the special Market Checking teams of Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department on saturday intensified market checking across the Pattan town to ensure all essential commodities are sold at Government approved rates with sufficient availability of consumables.

An official told News agency-Current News of India (CNI) that the inspection team comprising of officials of Food Safety & Consumer Affairs/Public Distribution Department,TSO Pattan Shabir Khan checked various establishments in pattan market especially Butcher’s/Chicken dealers & Green Grocers to check the mutton quality, their sanitation & hygiene, he added.

During the market checking vegetables, fruit shops were also inspected and the rotten vegetables, fruits, expired items were destroyed on spot.

Moreover, Butchers /Chicken sellers were directed to maintain hygiene/Sanitation & Provide quality of meat to the Consumers mandated as per the Food Safety & Standards Act. (CNI)

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