Unscheduled power cuts at Sehri and Iftaar time during Ramadhan irks Pattan Villages

Baramulla, 24 March Ashiq Tilgami(CNI):Since the onset of the holy month Ramadhan, Several villages in Pattan Baramulla have been witnessing unusual power cuts, particularly during Sehri and Iftar, causing a lot of inconvenience to the people.According to Current News of India (CNI) The Inhabitants of Tilgam, Wanigam, Chanderseer, Dargam, khargam and other adjacent villages are facing immense hardships during the holy month of Ramadhan Frequent power cuts during the holy month of Ramadhan were creating numerous problems in our fasting routine, No scheduled power supply is being provided to us, claimed the residents of the area. “Every day when the Iftar time is close, suddenly the power supply is shut down. Every house cannot afford power backups like inverters, We have to use artificial light or candles to light up the room. This is very unfortunate that even during Ramadhan the government could not provide us with uninterrupted power supply,” said Mushtaq Ahmad to Current News of India. Ab Ahad, a resident told current news of India (CNI) that We face Unscheduled power cuts during starting of Ramadhan, Electricity remains cut during the pre-dawn feast and on iftaar Times, thus making people eat Sehri under candlelight, adding that the PDD is not taking any step to readdress the long power cuts.’Our area is neglected, we are irked by long power cuts and the authorities are not providing us scheduled power supply’ said Ishfaq Ahmad a resident of the area. Meanwhile, inhabitants of the area appealed to Higher Authorities and Chief Engineer PDD to kindly intervene in the matter and redress the genuine problem as soon as possible so that people of the area can feel some sort of relief during the holy month of Ramadhan. (CNI)

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