“Vanquishing Polio: A Young Girl’s Inspirational Journey of Tenacity and Grit”

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Jr Yaseen

Srinagar, 15 Aug (CNI) : Fourteen-year-old Irtiqa Mehraj, presently in her eighth grade, has composed her third book. While her father and younger brother are physically challenged, her mother and sister are able-bodied.

Despite being struck by polio, a young girl from South Kashmir’s Pulwama district remains resolute and refuses to let her physical disability hinder her dreams. Instead, she has turned to her passion for writing as an outlet for her creative energy.

At an age when most teenagers are still finding their footing, Irtiqa Mehraj from Khrew, Pulwama has developed a remarkable proficiency in the art of writing. Her unique perspective, shaped by her special abilities, distinguishes her from other young writers in the region. Rather than feeling restricted by her condition, Irtiqa harnesses it as inspiration for her artistic pursuits.

At a mere 14 years of age, Irtiqa has already authored three books. She is a writer, public speaker, poetess, and brand ambassador for Ellipsis Publication. She wrote her first book at the tender age of 13, and her name gained prominence when “The Star Shines In Dark” was published in 2021.

During an interview with News-agency Current News of India , Irtiqa revealed that she is the youngest specially-abled author from the Khrew area of Pulwama district and is content with her life. “I discovered my disability when I was nine and thought that Allah had bestowed this life on me and made it better. I motivated myself, telling myself that it’s my life, and I can accomplish anything,” she said.

“I used to pen down quotes, and one day my younger sister came to me and said, ‘You write exceptionally well, you should try writing books,’ ” said Irtiqa.

Irtiqa used to walk without any assistance but was struck with rickets, which resulted in paralysis at the age of 12. Currently, she can only walk with the help of calipers. “I also go to the doctor, but they told me that it’s God’s will and to continue exercising. We have no idea how long it will persist. I underwent an operation, but it was unsuccessful,” she said.

“I have written three books so far, and all of them are available on Amazon. My published works include The Star Shines in Dark, The Deep Secret, and The Desires Were Illusions,” said Irtiqa.(CNI)

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