“We have to win the hearts of every citizen of country, We should not limit ourselves to winning elections” Says PM Modi On BJP’s Foundation Day

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Srinagar, 08 April (CNI) :Declaring that the BJP represents a new culture of inclusiveness, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that all eyes will not be focused on BJP’s victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.He said that despite being the largest political party in the world, don’t be a victim of overconfident, People have already started saying that no one can defeat BJP in 2024.

According to the monitoring desk of News-agency Current News of India (CNI) , Prime Minister Narendra Modi told party workers not to be complacent because of the view that “nobody can defeat” the party next year.

Addressing BJP members on the occasion of the party’s 44th foundation day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that those who are “fighting for existence” have become so frustrated after exposing their corruption and conspiring against his government, PM Modi said, “These hateful people are telling lies one after other. They are so desperate and sleepless after seeing the exposure of their corrupt activities and filled with frustration. They can only see one way now ahead, They are openly saying ‘Modi Teri kabbar Kho denge’ They are threatening to dig (my) grave.”

Despite being the largest political party in the world, “Don’t be a victim of overconfidence, People have already started saying that no one can defeat BJP in 2024,this is true, but as a BJP worker we have to win the heart of every citizen of the country. As workers of the BJP, we should not limit ourselves to winning elections. We should work to win the hearts of people”.

“We have to fight every election with the same hard work that we have done since the time of Jan Sangh” he said and appreciated the support of party workers.

The PM’s remarks come at a time when the Opposition has consistently targeted it with accusations of throttling dissent. The second phase of the Budget session of Parliament, which concludes on Thursday, was washed out because of disruptions over the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi after he was convicted in a criminal defamation case. While the treasury benches were up in arms over comments on Indian democracy that Rahul Gandhi made in the UK, the Opposition pushed for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the allegations of the Adani Group’s links to the PM and the ruling party.

Modi advised the party to prepare for the future by forming technology cells from the panchayat level to the level of Lok Sabha constituencies to monitor updates in modern technology. These cells, he said, should take advice from experts and conduct seminars. The party could also set up intellectual cells, Modi said. The PM also asked the party to work with the political parties of other democratic countries and learn from them. By the time the BJP completes 50 years, every Morcha of the BJP should ensure the participation of people from every section in every programme.

“We should celebrate our achievements but at the same time prepare for the next challenges also. All this should be done by sticking to the root values of the BJP and within the limits of the Constitution. We should not find solutions to our problems by borrowing ideas from outside, but from our roots,” he said.

“In 2014, there was not only a change of government … In 2014, the people of India started a new journey of India’s renaissance. After coming out of slavery of more than 800 years, a nation has risen again to regain its lost glory,” the PM said.

“The evils that have been going on for decades are slowly getting weakened. Even though the British left in 1947, they left the mentality of keeping people as slaves here. After independence, a class flourished in the country which considered power as its birthright. The imperial mentality of these people always treated the people of the country as their slaves,” he added.

Contrasting the work culture between BJP and Congress, the PM said, “Today, BJP is leading a new political culture in the country while you can see the culture of Congress and other parties. While these parties are hostages of nepotism, dynasty, casteism and regionalism, BJP’s political culture is to take every countryman along.”(CNI)

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