We KP,s perhaps are paying the price of being nationalists: It is appropriate time for KP,s to rethink and introspect

Jammu: Soon after the verdict of 2014 across nation to bring BJP in power had created a lot of hopes to victim Kashmiri Pandits and undercurrents of nationalism brewed up and a new spirit of nationalism, hindu spirit and unity came in forth.We Kashmiri Pandits, in particular displaced Pandits, pinned a lot of hope over the BJP government and its leadership.

Now, when much water has flown under bridge this isolated, ignored victim community of Kashmiri Pandits has undergone a work audit of the present BJP government from the last ten years and unfortunately found nothing tangible except abrogation of article 370,which too was their seventy years long party agenda to fulfill the dream of late Shyama Prashad Mukerjee,

This finally made KP,s to realize that our nationalism and patriotism was taken for granted and did not found anywhere on the Govt. agenda, except to exploitation of our victim-hood in this or that pretext as the situations suits them., when they are fully aware that this ignored victim community is nationalist to the core and always safeguard the national narrative and never compromised its priorities in national interest.

The present dispensation in power from the last ten years have never been serious for the displaced victim KPs,and our long pending demands and problems which includes our core demand, one place settlement of displaced KP,,s ( separate Kasdhyap Bhoomi) with writ of Indian constitution, as per our will and choice , commission of enquiry of our ethnic cleansing and forced exodus, grant of indigenous status of KP community, nullification of distress sale, passage of temple and shrine bill, and the problem of overage and other unemployed youths and very importantly they could not save life of youths valley who have gone there to work as employees under PM package and other employees.

They are claiming very big but doing nothing for the community and even stopped the salaries of these KP employees deliberately to suffer and face the starvation.

These are enough indicators that nationalists victim KP,s have been taken for granted by political players as an assurance for electoral and other gains only..

Historically speaking, the nationalist KP,s were abandoned from more than seven decades,from the day of August 15th 1947 when geo-politics of the region changed and our victim microscopic KP Community continue to be aloof and lost our role and place on the national centre-stage, is still hostage to misplaced priorities.

In conclusion, we victim KP,s are perhaps paying the price of being nationalists and term nationalism and patriotism which this community always followed and respected have become punishment for us and is gradually losing relevance for us.(CNI) Current News of India

“Now it is appropriate time for KP,s to rethink and introspect ” [ Kundan Kashmiri ] Community voice & President KPC . kundankashmiri@gmail.com Mobile No.8802167855

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