With Eye Flu Cases Up in Valley, People need to follow appropriate hygiene while going out, Say Experts

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Srinagar, 18 Aug (CNI) : A spurt in cases of eye flu has been witnessed in the past few days in Kashmir valley, with that people need to follow appropriate hygiene while going out.

As per the monitoring desk of Current News of India (CNI) the number of eye flu cases had increased rapidly in Kashmir valley most patients had swollen red eyes and experienced pain.

Officials said that we are seeing significant increases in cases, this is a viral infection and very common in India because this year we had extreme rains & flood, humid conditions and hygiene level has also gone down.

What needs to be done is that people need to wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes. Use goggles if infected as it curbs the transmission of the virus. It’s a self-limiting disease goes away easily in some days, but one should consult an eye specialist if have itching and redness in eyes.

Earlier a senior scientist said “We need to educate people, especially school children, about viral infections and what precautionary measures they need to follow. These infections are very common. For example- conjunctivitis is not new and has been occurring. Health, sanitation, crowded areas and weather & climate conditions are some of the factors. There is a sudden spurt of cases and formation of clusters in multiple places. We have collected a few samples locally and are examining them”. (CNI)

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