53 Persons Killed In American Forest Fire

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The fire in the Maui forests of the American state Hawaii has not been controlled even after three days, while the death toll has reached 53.

According to the CNI monitoring, American Broadcasting Agency has reported that in America’s Maui forest, fire has killed 6 people the day before, while another 30 died on the second day, bringing the death toll to 36. On the third day, 17 people died, bringing the total to 53.

Dozens of people were injured due to the smoke and were shifted to nearby hospitals. The strong wind played a major role in the spread of the fire. It has reached the nearby town of Lahaina, engulfing several residential buildings.

The town was evacuated. Tourists and residents are being prevented from going near the forest and more than 1,000 people have been moved to prevention shelters. The vehicles of the fire brigade are carrying out the mission of extinguishing the fire.

Experts say that the main reason for the terrible fires in the forests is climate change. By adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle and minimizing the use of toxic substances, we can protect our earth from these sudden disasters, they said.(CNI)

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