Congress Working Committee resolution paves way for Rahul Gandhi to lead party in Lok Sabha as Opposition Leader

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DEHLI (CNI) Resolution Passed by Congress Working Committee to Appoint Rahul Gandhi as Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha
Members of the Congress Working Committee have unanimously agreed on a resolution that calls for Rahul Gandhi to be appointed as the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. This decision comes following Rahul Gandhi’s victory in the Wayanad and Raebareli seats during the recent Lok Sabha elections.

The Congress party leaders emphasized that Rahul Gandhi is the ideal candidate to lead the opposition inside Parliament. “We are confident that Rahul ji will excel in this role and lead the campaign effectively within the Parliament,” stated KC Venugopal during a press briefing.

Congress leader Ajay Rai highlighted the party’s resurgence by stating, “Their ‘Congress mukt’ claim has proven to be futile, as the country is once again ‘Congress yukt’.”

The nomination of Rahul Gandhi as the Leader of Opposition will be presented to a gathering of 232 lawmakers from a Congress-led opposition coalition later today. In response to the resolution, Rahul Gandhi expressed that he will make a decision concerning the leadership role in the Lok Sabha in the near future, as confirmed by Congress leader KC Venugopal.

Following the surprising outcome of securing 99 seats in the recent Lok Sabha elections, the Congress party has become eligible to hold the position of Leader of Opposition for the first time since 2014.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for the opposition, as no other party had met the requisite 10% of total seats in the House to claim the LoP title over the past decade.(CNI)

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