DDC Chairperson Bla, Safina Baig Inaugurates Najibhat-Chandoosa Road

Baramulla, 25 March (Ashiq Tilgami)-CNI: After being under construction for years, The District Development Council chairperson, Safina Baig on Saturday inaugurates Najibhat-Chandoosa and Pehlipora-Boniyar roads in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district. As per the news agency-Current News of India (CNI), The DDC Chairperson Bla, Safina Baig today inaugurates two separate seven kilometres Najibhat to Chandoosa and Pehlipora to Boniyar roads in Baramulla to ease the sufferings of the public in the area. Residents told Current News of India (CNI) that they were living a miserable life due to the lack of proper road connectivity in the area for years, We have to walk several kilometres on foot to bring essentials on their shoulders, adding that our life hampers and remains paralyzed during winters but today we are jubilant and thankful to our DDC Chairperson, Safina Baig for providing us good road connectivity in the area. They said that we are hopeful that our DDC Chairperson, Safina Baig will always focus on development works in rural areas so that the people can heave a sigh of relief. Safina Baig told Current News of India (CNI) that the Centre is spending a substantial budget to improve road connectivity in rural and urban areas in a bid to reduce to improve the “ease of living” of people and I am always on toes, remains vigilant to provide and make every facility available in the area for the betterment of people. (CNI)

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