Dimple pays tributes, leads a anti Pakistan rally at Prade jammu, burns the pak prime minister PM Shehbaz sharief, flags effigies of the ISI, hafeez sayeed, azahar masood, lasker

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Jammu 10 th July : Sunil Dimple president mission statehood, leads anti Pakistan rally at prade ground jammu, large number in hundreds people, transporters, all traders of prade, purani mandi, moti bazar, pacca danga, mohalla paharia, joined the rally and burnt the effigies burns the pakistan flags effigies of the ISI, hafeez sayeed, azahar masood, lasker, for attack on army trucks and killing jco, 5 jwans.

Addressing the protesters Sunil Dimple said the revenge of our martyrs will be taken as khoon ka bala khoon sey lengy.

Dimple appealed to the DG director general of j&k police and the security forces, to start operation all out clear & elimination of ISI modules operating in j&k sleeper’s cells, and crush pak guides in jammu Kashmir.

Dimple alleged complete failure of BJP, NDA govt. security agencies.

Dimple demands to prime minster to call a special parliament on jammu Kashmir terrorism, alleged and asked PM Modi, HM Amit shaha should reply in the parliament and should call should special parliament session on the jammu Kashmir militancy and should reply from these foreign trained militancy, militants infiltration taking place and coming.

Dimple demands resignation from LG Manoj sinaha and from the BJP govt as it has badly failed to control militancy in jammu kashmir.

He allged in last ten years BJP only did politics on jammu Kashmir and took no steps to curb the militancy of j&k and exploited in all the state of india on the militancy curbed after abrogation of the article 370.

Dimple alleged the situation is worsening in the peaceful jammu due to weakness of the BJP, NDA govt in centre who wants to postpone doing conspiracy and will not hold assembly elections in jammu kashmir. .

He said the attacks, targeted killing encounter kathua, samba, doda, kishtwar, bhadrwah, basoli, poonch rajouri, arnia, and on all the borders security is weak and the infiltration is increasing.

Dimple alleged and asked PM Modi, HM Amit shaha should reply from where these foreign trained militancy, militants are coming?

Dimple demands that india should start a surgical strike and war with pakistan & liberate pok, gilgit blatistan from pakistan and make pok part of j&k state.

Ravinder Mishra warned ISI, lashkar toeyba, pakistan, ISI, lasker that the j&k was, is, will remain part of j&k state india.

Ravinder Mishra extended full support of mission statehood to the Indian army and said j&k people will fully support the india army to make POK people part of jammu Kashmir state.

The other senior leaders are Ravinder Mishra, Rajinder Kumar, Surinder Bali, Kapil, Pawan Gupta, Satish Mahjan, Rohit Gulati, Badal Salgotra, Anil Kumar and many others.

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