DySP Sheikh Adil arrested by police in Srinagar

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A Jammu and Kashmir Police officer with the DySp rank was detained by Srinagar police on Thursday for a number of reasons.

According to reports, a team of Srinagar police searched the home of DySp Sheikh Aadil Mushtaq (KPS) near the BSNL exchange Sanathnagar Srinagar on Tuesday.

Several electronic gadgets, including a laptop, were seized, and the officer was questioned about a case, if sources are to be believed.

It is also reported that the officer was formally detained by Srinagar police on Thursday at police station Nowgam under FIR no. 149 of 2023 in connection with violations of sections 167, 193, 201, 210, 218, and 221 of the Indian Penal Code and section 7A of the Corruption Act. Further investigation has since been launched.

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