Independence Day: Pak Rangers & Indian BSF Exchange Sweets On LOC

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On the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day, sweets were exchanged between the border forces of Pakistan and India, while the officials of the Indian Border Security Force congratulated the officials of the Pakistan Rangers on their Independence Day and expressed good wishes.

According to CNI, Sweets were exchanged between the soldiers of Pakistan and India at the Wagah border as a gesture of goodwill.

The local commander of Pakistan Rangers Punjab and officials of Border Security Force–BSF India participated in this traditional ceremony. Sweets were given to each other by both the forces.

Earlier, sweets were exchanged between the two forces on Eid-ul-Adha as well.

According to sources, like Wagah border, sweets were exchanged with each other at other border posts including Ganda Singh border of Kasur, Headslimaniki.

The border forces, who gave each other sweets in the morning, will hold a joint parade in the evening on the occasion of the lowering of the national flag.(CNI)

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