Jammu Transporters call for one-day strike against the operation of e-buses

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Jammu, March 27 (CNI): Privately owned passenger bus operators staged a massive protest against the operation of Smart City e-buses in Jammu on Wednesday.


The transporters also announced a one-day token strike on Thursday against the operation of e-buses, affecting their livelihood.


As per News Agency – Current News of India According to CNI, several transporters led by All Jammu and Transporter Welfare Association gathered at a warehouse in Jammu city and protested against the management for running e-bus service ‘illegally’. Protested. Raised slogans against roads in Jammu


Association president Vijay Singh Chubb said that the government and the transporters had agreed to run e-buses on non-busy and less busy routes, but the administration unilaterally violated the agreement to run e-buses on all busy routes. . To start. Private transporters face difficulties


He said that while introducing e-rickshaws earlier, the government failed to solve the problem of auto owners due to which they became unemployed.


They said that they have bought their vehicles through loans but as their livelihood is being affected, they will not be able to pay the monthly installments.


Another transporter said, “E-buses are meant for bare-bones areas of the city, and if they want to ply on densely populated routes, the government should also think about our livelihood. Our livelihood is affected by this issue.” Kind of affected. And we are hardly earning bread and butter for our families.”


Bus operators said around 80 of their buses were affected by the problem and appealed to the administration led by the Lt. Governor to look into the matter. (CNI)

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