Mehbooba Mufti Reacts To Azad’s ‘Indian Muslims Were Hindus’ Comment, tems it highly regrettable

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Srinagar, 21 Aug (CNI) : The Chief of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Mehbooba Mufti mocked Former Jammu and Kashmir chief Minister and Democratic Azad Party chief Ghulam Nabi Azad’s statement where he said that all Muslims in India were originally Hindus who later converted to Islam, terms it highly regrettable.

Mehbooba Mufti terms Azad’s Remarks on Muslims of India as regrettable, says it echoes the RSS BJP Ideology that is manifesting in atrocities on Muslims in the country.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti has termed the recent statement of Ghulam Nabi Azad on Indian Muslim as highly regrettable and said that it echoes the ideology and narrative of RSS BJP against the Muslims of the Country.

Azad had said that all the Muslims in India were essentially Hindus who had converted to Islam only some time back. Mufti said that Azad’s remarks were “dangerous and divisive” and that they “resemble the language of the RSS, BJP, and Janasangh”. She said that such remarks “manifest in the atrocities and violence against Muslims in the country”, as evidenced by the recent incident in Uttar Pradesh where the parents of a Muslim boy who had married a Hindu girl were lynched.

Mufti said that Muslims in India are “unsafe” because of this mind-set, adding that the government is supposed to build houses, but the BJP government is “busy demolishing them selectively, especially those that belong to Muslims”.“I am not an advocate of Mishal malik but she is not any terrorist or even a terror accused unlike her husband. But in the BJP we have terror accused people like Sadvhi Pragiya Thakur who openly calls for genocide of Muslims and BJP is rewarding such people,” She said.

“In case of Mihsal, there is something to learn for the BJP RSS Regime that Pakistan is rewarding those they think are furthering their ideas on Jammu & Kashmir but unfortunately what our government does is to punish people who stood by and propagated the Idea of India in Jammu & Kashmir. Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Sahab being a case in point who The BJP wants to erase from the history. Nothing less can be said about Mufti sahib who held the idea of India so dear to him,” she added.(CNI)

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