Sunil Dimple leads protest demonstrations against PWD R&B, JMC against the worst Condition of jammu, amphala, new plot, Janipur main roads & traffic problem

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Dimple demands construction of ring road and start Metro train, from amphalla manda to janipur high court, roopnagar, batalab upto akhnoor.

Sunil Dimple president mission statehood jammu Kashmir leads a strong protest rally, demonstrations on Janipur high court chowk road, against the smart city project, PWD, JMC, ERA, against the bad conditions of jammu city, amphalla, new plot janipur high court roads & worst traffic problem in jammu city.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple warned the govt to immediately start the black toping and construct the main road, drains, all foot paths damaged by smart city projects, PWD R&B, JMC, for Jio, reliance cable works, otherwise people will start massive agitation.

Dimple alleged the whole traffic system has failed in jammu city and especially on the janipur road.

Dimple demands LG manoj sinah has said the plan to improve the traffic scenario, is lying with the govt.

He demands LG the construction of ring road and start Metro train, from Amphalla Manda to Janipur high court, roopnagar, bantalab upto akhnoor.

He demanded the Lt governor to start metro mono rail and construct a exclusive four ways circular ring road from Amphalla manda to janipur high court road, roop nagar, bantalab, Kot bhalwal to Akhnoor.

He demanded the LG for construction of flyovers at Rehari Chungi Jewal Chowk and solve traffic problems.

He said no development took place in the west assembly constituency in the last ten years.

Dimple alleged knee deep trenches have developed on the VIP main roads of jammu city and all the roads of jammu city and west assembly constituency are in very bad conditions and bikes, scooters cars accidents taking place due to trenches, khadey on the roads.

He alleged the ERA sewerage main holes have broken and the vehicle, cars, bikes fell in to the sewerage holes due to broken whole covers.

Dimple alleged the PWD R&B, JMC, have done substandard quality black topping with the guarantee of three years but the roads washed away within first rain and contractors run away.

He alleged all the roads west constituency, sarwal, rehari, bakshi nagar, top sherkhania, patoli, talab tillo, shakti nagar, krishna nagar, resham ghr and people are protesting against the PWD R&B. but no one is listening the plight of the people.

Dimple alleged the jammu west assembly constituency is the most backward, dirties and undeveloped constituency of the j&k UT, and whoever visits in the localities of the constituency, heaps of garbage, dumps, deteriorated roads, JMC choked overflowing drains water of sewerage welcome the people.

Dimple urged upon LG Manoj Sinah to hold CBI crime inquiry of the funds allotted to PWD R&B and the JMC as both are doing very substandard work of drains and black toppings.

The prominent market presidents addressed the demonstrations are Rajinder Bhargav, Kewal Krishen, Surinder Kumar, Vicky Dogra, and many others.(CNI) Current News of India

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