Sunil Dimple questions BJP what is its roadmap, formula, for the happiness, prosperity, revival of democracy in Jammu & Kashmir

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    Jammu: Sunil Dimple president mission statehood addressing a press conference Questions BJP what is its road map for the happiness, prosperity, revival of democracy in jammu Kashmir?

    The restoration of j&k state with article 370, the stand still agreement and instrument of accession conditions of j&k state with india is the only way forward of j&k happiness. Sunil Dimple

    Dimple in an open message to the people of the country, nation that there is total chaos, sadness, disappointments, uncertainty and complete anarchy after dismantling the j&k princely state, abrogation of article 370, 35-a & abrogation of special status.

    As per the News Agency Current News of India (CNI) Dimple said j&k people got the article 370, 35-a from Indian constitution by presidential order on 26 january 1956.

    He said there was a “stand still agreement & instrument of accession conditions during the accession of j&k, Ladakh, POK, gilgit, blatistan with India”.

    Dimple said in the constitution of india by the president of india, in 1964 ordered to continue the article 370, 35-a for sixteen years and it will remain operative and made this a life time provision.

    He said only the j&k state assembly was having the power to recommend for abrogation or to continue the article 370.

    Dimple said in the last seventy years no j&k govt, political party, ever recommended for abrogation and the articles became permanent articles.

    Dimple said on 5 august 2019 BJP abrogated special status, article 370, 35-a and dismantled the j&k state with the use of force unconstitutionally and went against the constitution of india presidential orders.

    He said the SC CJI, constitutional bench is kind enough and will announce the verdict on our petitions filed in the month of December.

    He said we will get justice from supreme court and SC will restore our J&K state Identity, culture and history ,

    Dimple allged the BJP every day comes up with the misleading “new slogans like, viksit yatra, (Development)yatra”.

    He asked BJP how much “viksit, development”, recruitment in J&K took place after the abrogation of article 370.

    He azadi ka amar utsav, meri mati mera desh are misleading jumlah slogans

    He said the BJP promised to provide two crore jobs every year to the youths, but scraped

    Dimple asked under viksit yatra how many REK, NYC, MGNREGA, Janglat, sehat, daily wagers, contingent paid workers, land donor, CPW, anganwadi workers permanently recruited. All the list of selected, finance accounts assistants, sub inspectors in police and JE lists.

    Dimple said the people, youths, are in stress, tension, unemployed, no jobs, caos, sadness is all over in jammu Kashmir and the j&k is marching directionless like a ship in a sea storm.

    Dimple said after the installation of the popular govt, restoration of j&k state, article 370, we will reverse, all the one thousand harsh anti jammu Kashmir central laws imposed on the jammu Kashmir, by the use of force, by BJP bhartya janta party, on the people, youths, employees of j&k.

    He said we will cancel all domiciles into state subject PRC, and throw out thirty lakhs other states people entered in our j&k dogra state.

    Dimple allged BJP has imposed un declared emergency, no one is allowed to speak, no one is allowed to raise the voice of the demands, no one is allowed to protest, speak, the youths , govt employees voice has been dubbed.(CNI) Current News of India

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