Water Reservoirs In South Kashmir On Brink Of Extinction

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Water reservoirs in South Kashmir are on the verge of extinction, as a result of which water is not available for drinking for people as well as animals.

According to CNI, the districts of Anantnag, Qazigund, Shopian, Pulwama and Kulgam in south Kashmir used to have plenty of water and people never faced water scarcity, but today the situation is different.

There were lakes and water reservoirs in South Kashmir and there were many streams and canals, but selfish people have illegally occupied these canals for their own interests and erected houses, walls and other constructions on them.

People have illegally occupied the reservoirs by filling them with soil pollution.

Even though the area of these canals, Kahcharai and other water reservoirs are still there in the official records, the Irrigation and Flood Control Department and the Finance Department are not paying any attention to this.

It has been learned from the sources that the influential persons who have illegally occupied the water reservoirs and water bodies have already lined the pockets of the officers and staff of the relevant departments due to which the employees have not been able to take any action against such persons. If after receiving a complaint, action is taken to release the possession, but that action is only to show the people and the media. The land is occupied again the next day.

Due to the lifting of water reservoirs, people as well as animals are also facing non-availability of water. And water is not available for cattle to drink.(CNI)

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